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STILL Li-Ion Technology

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STILL Li-Ion Technology

Cut your operating costs with Li-Ion

Virtually all of us make use of this technology every day, without really being aware of it. We are talking about Lithium Ion batteries (Li-Ion). No modern cell phone can do without it. Now this technology is conquering new fields of application and it is moving into the field of industrial trucks. What exactly makes this new type of accumulator so attractive?

The benefits are evident. The Li-ion battery convinces with its high performance and is especially suitable for use in two- or three-shift operations where conventional lead-acid batteries are used and changed. It is not necessary to change Li-ion batteries. Fast opportunity charging now makes it possible to effectively use work stops such as lunch breaks. The service time and the availability of the trucks is substantially increased by opportunity charging or by installing twice the battery capacity in the truck.

The high-performance lithium-ion technology is especially suitable in cases where lead acid batteries are in use and have to be changed in two to three-shift operation. Lithium-ion batteries do not need to be replaced. By quick interim charging any downtime, such as a lunch break, can be efficiently used and the battery is recharged in a very short period of time. Interim charging does not affect the battery service life. Lithium-ion technology supplies constant voltage throughout the entire application time. Accordingly, you can work under full power through several shifts without having to change a battery or do any kind of maintenance at all.

Fast performance for flexible applications

During an assumed 30-minute lunch break, the Li-ion battery can be charged up to 50% of its capacity. The full capacity is reached after a charging time of 1.5 hours, compared to the seven to nine hours conventional batteries require for charging.
It is also possible to opportunity charge Li-ion batteries without impairing the battery capacity. Lead-acid batteries, in contrast, partly loose unused capacity over time. Li-ion batteries are widely unaffected by this impact.
Savings in operation and handling costs, resulting from the use of conventional lead-acid batteries, make the acquisition of Li-ion batteries rapidly profitable.

Comparing battery charging times

Full performance during several shifts thanks to effective interim charging

Li-Ion technology proves well in application

The Li-ion battery is an efficient and compact energy pack, convincing with high availability. Now, up to 95% of the power in the battery can be used, compared to 80% of conventional lead-acid batteries. The Li-ion battery allows about twice as many charging cycles. With an identical volume as a lead-acid battery, the Li-ion battery contains twice as much energy.

This means, efforts needed to change batteries and infrastructure, can be reduced. Another crucial benefit in applications is that Li-ion batteries are maintenance-free making work with these batteries carefree. Maintenance work, required by lead-acid batteries, is not necessary for Li-ion batteries.

Cut your operating costs with Li-Ion

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STILL Simply Efficient

How can Li-Ion technology help your company?

What makes up the optimal battery technology? We at STILL are firmly convinced that the answer is far more than high performance. Only perfectly harmonizing characteristics like power, precision, ergonomics, compactness, safety and ecologic responsibility creates a technology that is the optimum solution for the customer.


  • The high energy density of the Li-Ion battery ensures long working times and increases the high availability of the truck
  • High availability by quick opportunity charging without the need to change the battery
  • Longer truck performance thanks to stable voltage supply throughout the discharging process
  • Li-Ion batteries maintain their performance level also at temperatures below freezing making them ideal for use in cold areas


  • The communication between truck and battery controller allows to efficiently use and deploy the Li-Ion battery
  • No equalization required


  • Virtually no physical strain, because battery changes are not needed
  • Maintenance free operation - no topping up of water or checking acid levels
  • No organizational effort - pre-work checks and providing water are not needed


  • Opportunity charging at any mains wall outlet - no charging station required
  • Higher energy density for compact battery dimensions


  • Intelligent battery management monitoring every important function
  • Higher user safety, thanks to acid-free use
  • User friendly due to avoided battery change
  • No emission of battery gasses

Ecologic Responsibility

  • Eco-friendly thanks to twice the service life
  • Eco-friendly due to absence of acid
  • Substantially higher efficiency of the Li-Ion battery when charging and discharging reduces energy costs

STILL Li-Ion fleet

Innovative truck portfolio - ready for your operation

STILL has started to work with Li-Ion batteries early on and was able to develop a large number of trucks with this technology. Today we are ready to offer you a complete fleet of Li-Ion trucks. Low lift or high lift pallet trucks, order pickers, reach trucks, tractors or counterbalanced trucks - our portfolio is constantly growing. Find out more about the innovative Li-Ion family from STILL.

STILL Li-Ion counterbalance trucks

The RX 20 and RX 60 power packs ensure quick transport of goods. They can easily be used for long distances and are perfectly fit for indoor and outdoor use. The high power density, provided by Li-ion technology, allows electric forklift trucks, powered by Li-ion batteries, to prove particularly well in tough applications. Its lithium-ion battery can be charged to 50 % in just 30 minutes and allows for easy interim charging of the truck, while the charging process itself is approximately an hour faster than for conventional lead batteries.

What’s more, the lithium-ion battery lasts around twice as long as a lead battery, is maintenance free and can be used in a cold store. And it breaks new ground when it comes to safety too: every battery cell is monitored in real time. The RX 20 and RX 60 Li-Ion are the ideal electric forklift trucks for extended periods of operation in industrial, trade and logistics applications.

STILL Li-Ion counterbalance trucks

STILL Li-Ion reach trucks

The FM-X is always more than just a fork ahead of the rest. Thanks to active load stabilisation (ALS)* you can deal with the next goods transport while others would still be waiting for the mast to stop vibrating. An automatic equalising pulse provides a fast and effective way of stopping the vibrations from occurring at great heights, reducing the waiting time at the shelf by up to 80 per cent. The result is a significant increase in turnaround speed. The powerful Li-Ion technology makes it possible to use the FM-X even more efficiently in the multi-shift operation. Due to the higher energy density of the battery the FM-X reaches longer operating times. This result increases the availability of the truck. The operator always has the total truck performance for the whole shift thanks to stable voltage supply.

STILL Li-Ion reach trucks

STILL Li-Ion high lift pallet truck

Efficient stacking is always a question of level - in this case the highest of all! The STILL high lift pallet truck is master of its trade. From perfect racking service up to the efficient loading and unloading of lorries. Even difficult application conditions do not become a burden. Now with Li-Ion technology STILL offers another plus in flexibility. The Li-Ion high-lift pallet trucks are always available when speed is of the essence thanks to opportunity charging.

STILL Li-Ion high lift pallet truck

STILL Li-Ion low lift pallet trucks

Now even more efficient! The new Li-Ion low lift pallet trucks are the perfect solution for flexible usage thanks to diversity, truck dependability and quickness. In the pedestrian mode low lift pallet trucks are usually tiller operated. For rider mode we offer a huge range of low lift pallet trucks with either fixed or foldable stand-on platform. During short breaks Li-Ion low lift pallet trucks can be charged quickly. The operator loses no time of waiting and can work flexible.

STILL Li-Ion low lift pallet trucks

STILL Li-Ion high lift pallet trucks for double deck operation

The Li-Ion high lift pallet trucks for double deck operation can transport two pallets flexible. This saves precious time by loading and unloading lorry trucks. For rider mode we offer the EXD-SF with foldable stand-on platform. If you are more interested in fixed stand-on platforms STILL provides the EXD-S and SXD with Li-Ion power. The FXD offers even more comfort on longer distances with its driver‘s seat. During downtimes, the vehicles can be recharged in a very short time.


STILL Li-Ion order pickers and tractor

The „all-round talent“ when it comes to the horizontal transport of goods weighing up to 2,500 kg. Thanks to its modular design, STILL offers the optimum horizontal order picker for every requirement in the warehouse with the versatile model variants of the OPX series. Safety, comfort and high handling performance are fixed characteristics of this efficient warehouse helper. In multi-shift operation, STILL Li-Ion order pickers offer high savings potential. The portfolio is extended by our fast, powerful electric tractor LTX 50. The efficient tractor can be used flexibly and is therefore ideal for internal transport on medium and long distances.

STILL Li-Ion order pickers
STILL Li-Ion tractors

STILL Li-Ion vertical commissioner and narrow-aisle truck

Do you want to make optimum use of your storage space? The EK-X vertical order picker sets new standards with its performance-optimised technology. A picking height of up to 12 meters, a driving speed of up to 13 km/h, as well as maximum safety and ergonomics for the driver speak for themselves. If you want to go even further, STILL offers the innovative MX-X. The narrow-aisle truck sets new standards in terms of performance and user-friendliness. Driving speeds of up to 14 km/h, a lifting height of 18 meters and the highest residual load capacity on the market make the MX-X the handling champion in highly dense storage environments.


STILL Li-Ion Technology in use at H. & J. Brüggen


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